verb: burble;
1. to make a continuous murmuring noise.

Can a Hoodie Change the World?

We Believe It Can.

Burble's ethos is grounded in improving the lives and providing opportunities for those who lack opportunity.

Education and adequate healthcare are things that much of the world takes for granted. Only those who do not have access to either know the impact it has on their ability to transcend their current situation.

Through Burble we aim to help organizations across Africa in an attempt to improve the infrastructure and provide opportunities to better the future of the continent. 

We are the underdogs, the ones they counted out, the ones you can't fit into a box.
Beauty in all forms is the inspiration
United our voice rings louder than the singular
Respect for all beings but never at a loss of self-respect
Balancing the multi-facets that life requires
Loving the journey and understanding that
Excellence is not an option it's a must

                         Say Less ... BE More.